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Relax – you’re in safe hands. Meet the Salsa Esperienza teaching team! 🙂


Renato De Fazio is the director of Salsa Esperienza. Having trained with some of the foremost Salsa teachers from around the world while Salsa was still in it’s infancy in the UK, and having qualified as a teacher in 1999, Renato has been successfully running classes and events ever since; always in his own inimitable style. Renato is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge and love of this wonderful dance.

Renato also works as an actor with numerous appearances in film, television, commercials and pop promos. (www.renatodefazio.com) As a result he tries to bring a touch of drama and humour to every class! Renato is of Italian and English parentage, hence the name Esperienza as opposed to Esperiencia, and it was in Italy that he was first introduced to the delights of Salsa:

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Joanna has also been teaching Salsa since 1999 after learning from many of the UK’s leading proponents of authentic Cuban Salsa. Joanna is of Burmese/English & Spanish extraction.

“Although I had always liked dancing, not having had any formal dance instruction when I was younger I decided I wanted to make up for it when I reached my twenties. I’d seen Salsa on the TV and it looked like a lot of fun and good exercise too - everything I was looking for. To me, it truly is one of the best dance styles. To be able to partner dance in a structured way, yet still have the freedom for personal expression rather than simply bopping about on your own, was particularly appealing.

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Coral has been dancing Salsa since 2003 having initially attended classes with Salsa Esperienza at Frimley Green.

Continuing her training with the finest teachers in London and beyond, Coral has firmly established her teaching credentials, with many students lauding her fun approach and thorough teaching methods.

‘Salsa was just what I had been looking for and really opened up a whole new social scene to me. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others and I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the students’ progress, week on week. I can not say enough positive things about Salsa. Not only is it fantastic exercise and great for coordination and balance but it's uplifting too. It's a pleasure for me now to be able to pass on to others the things I've learned.'


Sue's introduction to Salsa was at Lakeside back in January 2006. After cajoling her daughter into coming along, with trepidation and curiosity she ventured into the beginners group. By the end of just one hour she was hooked:

'The music was irresistible and I found myself smiling a lot. I then proceeded to talk non-stop about it at home, practising my steps on the kitchen floor, grabbing anyone who was willing (or not so willing!) I would mentally go over the routines every week, remembering all the great dances I'd had, the songs playing over and over in my head. Thanks to the skill and professionalism of the tutors I quickly progressed through the levels and within 6 months found myself in the advanced class.

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Having started out in and around London back in 2001, Muhenda brings his enthusiastic and fun approach to teaching salsa. His aim is to inspire and share his passion whilst keeping a smile on his student’s faces. He says: ‘Dance in general and its many styles have always been a big part of me, but academics forced me to miss my calling as a street dancer on world tour with the R&B elite!

My Salsa adventure started with a trip to Madrid and a night out at a R&B club, doing what I did best. All it took was a walk past a Salsa club and I was hooked! I said to myself then ‘I HAVE to learn that’ and I've never looked back." Along the way Muhenda was trained by Andy Barrett of Salsa Corazon, developing his attention to detail, smooth moves and fun teaching style.

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Marosh & Kristina are the UK's most charming salsa teachers, performers and competitors. Their friendly manner and unique dance style has made them loved and respected and an inspiration to both beginners and professional dancers alike. In 2006, Kristina and Marosh moved to the UK from their native Slovakia, bringing with them 10 years teaching experience.

Since their arrival, their rise has been stratospheric, achieving the titles of European Professional Salsa and Bachata Champions, European Team Salsa Champions, UK Open Salsa Champions and 3x Latino Dance Champions. At international salsa congresses they have been wowing audiences and sharing their extensive technical experience and passion for salsa.

Visit Marosh and Kristina's wesbite here and be sure to benefit from their lively monthly classes at the Lakeside, Frimley Green.