Weekly Classes


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Monday - Frimley Green  Wednesdays - Farnham

Beginners are always welcome at our weekly classes, with or without a partner.

Classes operate on a drop-in basis, rather than running as a course over a set number of weeks. While we encourage consistency in your learning, if you miss a week, it’s not the end of the world.

Instruction is provided at 4 levels: for absolute beginners, improvers, intermediate and advanced dancers. Core moves are covered at each level, with important moves repeated frequently. The structure of the lessons permits one to move progressively through the levels, over a period of weeks and months.

Our experienced teachers can help to assess the most appropriate class for your ability and offer advice on when to progress to the next level.

The evening begins with a fun warm-up, utilising basic steps. After the conclusion of the classes we move into social dancing. Salsa club dancing affords the opportunity not only to hone ones leading or following skills but to socialise and have fun in a friendly, relaxed setting.

La Rueda, Bachata, Kizomba & Cha Cha Cha are also taught at all our venues.



For those with little or no experience of salsa. The Beginners class commences with a consideration of the salsa rhythm and timing and its unique pattern of footwork. Each week a simple routine is put together with a partner that utilises the learned footwork. Emphasis is given to leading and following, keeping time, posture, hold, dance etiquette. Instruction is given in both Cuban and cross-body salsa at all levels. Very soon you’ll be confident with the basic steps and ready to progress in your Salsa adventure! Remember, you can come along with or without a partner. And there is no need to book.


For those comfortable with basic footwork and movement the Improvers class offers a slightly more challenging routine with ever more attention given to the lead/follow aspect of salsa dancing. Emphasis is given to the distinctions between Cuban & Cross body salsa so that you’ll be able to dance both confidently


Intermediate dancers will be put through their paces with more intricate turn patterns and combinations. Leaders are encouraged to develop their repertoire of moves by mentally cataloguing the various choices available at any one time – adding spontaneity to their dancing. Various styling options are introduced to give more opportunity for personal expression and individuality while dancing.


Advanced dancers are given instruction in complicated but fully executable turn patterns. Footwork combinations, danced out of hold, are also often incorporated into routines. The advanced class has an increased focus on clear and concise leading, resulting in sleek, stylish dancing and body movement. This class covers the many nuances of advanced salsa dancing for both leaders and followers.

Salsa Club

This time affords the opportunity to practice the learned routine, integrate moves from previous weeks, socialise and dance with others of all levels. This is what Salsa is really about – getting on the dance floor enjoying the wonderful music, expressing yourself and having fun!